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G'day, we were in Queensland for six weeks. We started in Cairns with great weather, 33degrees which makes a change from all the monsoon rain we have had for the past two months. There is a lagoon which is free to the public because you can't swim in the sea, unless of course you want to get eaten by crocs or stung to death by the box jelly fish. There is a well known pub called the Woolshed were you all go with your voucher for free dinner that you get from the hostel, I'm sure if you have been to Cairns you would of heard of it. We went on a day trip to the Great Barrier Reef and did some scuba diving, it was quite an amazing place. We never saw a turtle though which is the one animal i really want to swim with. We went to Cape Tribulation for a couple of nights. We had a walk through the rain forest, there are so many dangerous plants and insects that you end up walking around with your arms crossed just incase you touch something that will kill you. We went on a night walk through the rain forest to see how many nasties we could find, god knows why. Anyway there's us in a group with a big torch, trying to be brave trapsing along in the pitch black. We saw the tiniest frog, fresh water shrimps with their lethal claws, dragon lizard and loads of green tree frogs. We both brushed passed this tree when a girl behind us spooted a big wolf spider on it. Oh we never went near a tree again after that. There were also loads of fire flies floating around. We went in a boat along the Dantree river to do a bit of croc hunting. We managed to see two hiding in the long grass. We stayed one night in Port Douglas, its only a small town but quite nice.

On the 17th November we went to Magnetic Island,what a great place. We stayed at the Bugalow Bay hostel, it has a santuary joined to it. We went there and had our photo taken with Barney the koala then had a tour around and held Boris the carpet snake,a blue tongued lizard and a salt water croc, not an adult just a little baby we are not croc hunters just yet! there were some really nice walks, we would try and see how many wild koala we could spot.

On the 21st November we headed for Airlie beach. We happened to go there when schoolies was on so there were just hundreds of kids everywhere. We went on a two night boat trip to the Whitsundays on the Broomstick race yacht. It was so amazing i didn't want to come back, i could of stayed there for another week. We went to Whitehaven beach which is spectacular, the sand is 99% silican so its pure white and very fine so you won't see any photo of it as we decided to just take the disposible camera we didn't want the risk of our camera breaking. The snorkelling we did was the best i have ever done we saw so many fish. I saw a black tip reef shark and shouted out shark so everyone could have a look, but Paul pointed out that shouting shark was not the best thing to do. We were about to get back in the boat and Martin a friend spotted a turtle it was so good we swam with it for ages it just kept looking at us as it glided along.

We headed to Hervey bay where we went on a self drive tour to Fraser Island. There was nine of us and we took it in turns to drive the 4x4 jeep. You can't swim in the sea as tiger sharks breed around the whole island and there are blue bottle jelly fish. We went to Indian head which is a lookout over the water, we saw loads of rays and turtles but never saw any tiger sharks. Champagne pools is the only place you can swim in the sea, it is an area surrounded completely by rocks, the white wash from the waves goes over the rocks and makes the champagne bubbles. We went to Lake Mckenzie it has crystal clear water all different colour blue with pure white sand. We also went to Lake Burrabeen it is the same as Mckenzie but bigger and there are hardly any people on it. That is where we made our sand snowman. We also went to Lake Wabby, it has really green water and is completely surrounded by sand dunes.

We went to Noosa a little rich town. We went on a canoe trip through the everglades and camped in the national park for two nights.There was twelve of us with no guide. It ended up a bit of a survival trip. The first night we had a storm and the rain was so bad (yes rain again) some of the tents leaked really bad and we ended up sleeping in our two man tent with two other girls. I don't think Paul minded being squashed together with three woman. Paul made a shelter out of our poncho's and it worked quite well. The following day we spent drying out tents and sleeping bags so never went to the sand dune where we were supposed to go to. When we got picked up the driver told us that they would of never sent us out there if they had known the weather was going to be so bad. We had not had rain for about a month so we were doing quite well, it seems to have found us again.

We went to Maroochydore and stayed with Pam and Jim they are my mum's friends sister and brother in-law. They looked after us really well. We went to Steve Erwins zoo, the croc show was amazing. I thought Tazmanian devils were viscous, but there was one having a cuddle. We fed the kangaroos which is great fun they have such a good character. We saw Steve Erwins memorial it was quite sad, we also saw his wife and children there. We went to the under water world, there is a Honda car there which had been transfered into a fish tank, the engine had been taken out and swapped with the filters and pumps. Jim took us fishing it was a bit of a laugh, I caught three brim, but they were not big enough to eat.Some how Paul managed to catch the smallest whiting in the estuary. I don't think we will ever be very good at fishing. Pam and Jim took us to see the best view of the glass mountains it was so pretty. We then went to the pineapple plantation, there is a giant pineapple there, you can climb to the top of it.

We left for Brisbane on the 10th December stayed there two nights. We walked through the botanical gardens which were nice. We also went to the Lone Pine koala santuary, there was so many koala they were everywhere. The mother and baby section was so cute, they were quite active when we were there which is really rare for a koala. We went to Bathania to see Gavin who we met in Vietnam. We borrowed Cassandra's car (Gavin's girlfriend) for the day and went to Tamborine mountain. The national park was lovely and we went to the winery, it had a man made cave with glow worms, David Attenborough had just filmed a documentry there. We did a bit of wine tasting and bought a nice rose for xmas day.

We left for surfers paradise on the 14th December. We went to Movie world, wet'n'wild and sea world. They were all really good, the roller coasters in movie world were really good, being me i had to try them all out while Paul took the photo's. There were some really good flumes at wet'n'wild, there was one called Tornado. We sat in a ring facing each other, it went down a big drop and i happened to be the one that went backwards to Paul's amusement. You dropped in to a big funnel then through a hole at the bottom. The shark tank in sea world was the best we have seen, you could see them from above and down below water level. They had tiger sharks and bull sharks.

We left Queensland on the 18th December and headed down to Byron bay in New South Wales. We will tell you all about it next year. Hope you all had a great xmas and Happy new year. :o)

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watched the fireworks in sydney and was so gealous hope alls well and writing as a quick test .read about you trip eventually xx snowy alais adrianxx

by snowy1

Great Post!

I also went diving and snorkelling all around the Great Barrier Reef and I agree, it is the best in the world!

I just saw the footage from the National Geographic's "Best Job in the World" TV series. They make it look even better than my photos did. I just love Queensland!

by unspoken

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