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Trench foot in Vietnam

what a great place

rain 28 °C

Hi all, well we thought it was about time we put the next storey in for you.

We arrived in Vietnam by boat so we had no more crap bus journeys. We stayed the night in Choudoc before heading down to Phu Quoc Island. We had a 5 hour trip by bus to catch the boat. We thought it might be a normal journey but again we were so wrong. we had a lift to the bus station by moped, i almost had a cardiac with my backpack on my back and holding on for dear life with my eyes shut, with their driving you would understand. Paul thought it was really amusing. on the bus we got stopped by the police they search the whole bus and the locals, thank god they left us alone. as we drove away we noticed the guy letting people on the bus had cigaretts stashed down his trousers and straped to his body. As all the locals got of the bus they produced more cartons of cigaretts. Then Paul had a guy sitting next to him rubbing his leg, i think he froze in shock. We found out he was doing it because of the hairs, they dont have any so they find it really interesting, i think Paul was glad he was not trying to pick him up.

We caught the boat over to Phu Quoc Island and stayed there 5 nights in this lovely bungalow right on the beach. The weather was nice the first night, then it all changed and we had a big storm that went through the island. high winds and extremely heavy rain was not in the plan. We are now really good at playing pool and i am the champion at playing the card game rummy (Nan you would be proud).we met Yasmin travelling on her own so she joined us and we went to the only night club Paradiso. We walked in and you could not see a thing the stobe light were continuous and the lazer beams burnt your eyes it would of given anyone a fit, we got hassled by the locals as i think we were about the only three tourists in there a man grabbed Paul on to the dance floor which i found highly amusing and they kept feeding us their whiskey so it was the cheapest night in a club we have ever had. We had a Gekko in our room which had the loudest noise ever, it went of like an alarm every 2 hours so that got kicked out the next day. There was a dog where we were staying we named her Penny and she had 4 tiny puppies they were so sweet. Because of the storm we had loads of power cuts which was a bit of a pain.

We left on the 20th Sept and flew to Hoi An. We stayed in a hotel which was like luxury, we had hot water for the first time in 3weeks and it even had a bath. We went to see My Son Temple which was ok but it was half gone as it got wiped out in the war. all that was left was a crater in the ground. on the coach i had this big yellow and black beatle crawling up my leg think i almost had a heart attack. We had free bike hire so we used to cycle in to the town every night, Paul had this lovely girls bike with a basket on the front, i think you guys will have quite a giggle at the photo i certainly did. we left by bus to Hue after 3 days in Hoi An which was good because on our last night there we had extremely heavy rain and got caught in it cycling. The day we left it was still heavy rain.

We stayed in Hue for 2 nights just so we could see the Dmz war tunnels and the museum. It was raining for the whole time there ,im sure you had less rain then we did. My poncho leaked on the tour so for the whole after noon i was soaked. The war tunnels were very interesting , cant believe people lived in them for 5 years.

We were glad to leave the rain behind and head for Hanoi. We stayed at the Backpackers hostel run by Australians. There was a great bunch of people in our dorm and we ended up going on a boat trip to Ha Long Bay for 3 nights. The Harbour in Ha Long bay was like something out of Pirates of the Carribean, with all the wooden sail boats. The trip was just amazing we had the best weather so we could cure the trench foot and the views were just great. We stayed on an Island the second night that was just the best place.we had nice warm sea and white sand. am i making you all jealous. we spent one more night in Hanoi going out with Sarah and Gavin, who we went on the trip with. We ended up staying out until 2:30am in a gay bar which we did not know until half way through the night when it was all men couples and started playing YMCA.

We are now in Koh Samui loving life on the beach. Which was well planned as a big hurricane has just hit Vietnam killing a few people and many places are left with no electricity.

Hope you are all well. bye for now.

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Cambodia stories to tell

an eye opener

semi-overcast 31 °C

hi everyone,

Got to Cambodia safe and sound on thursday 7th Sept, well just about. The bus journey was 5 hours of extremely bumpy road from Poi Pet to Siam Reap. There was 10 of us all squashed together. Knew there would be a catch with only paying about 3 pounds. We arrived at the Baca Villa Guest House wrecked and hot. We payed us$6 a night. We had no hot water but it was clean. The next day we spent walking around getting hasseled by people wanting money or trying to sell postcards. The old market was an eye opener, the meat section had all sorts of dead animals from pigs heads to intestines. we went and saw the sunset over the mountain temple which was really nice. The following day we saw the sunrise over Angkor Wat temple, That was so nice and got some great pictures, and spent the rest of the day going to see more temples. Sky was our tuk tuk driver he was really nice told us things as we drove around. We almost had a cow in our tuk tuk it got scared by a lorry and ran straight in to us, I screamed and Paul just laughed loads. By the end of the day we were templed out, as they started to look the same. Our last day we saw Bantaey Srei temple, it was one of the nicest one's we had seen.

We had a 6 hour journey by bus to Phnom Pehn but not before we changed to 3 different busses. Getting off the bus in Phnom Pehn was a task, there were loads of men trying to get us to stay at there guest house, but we already had somewhere to go. Sky had phoned his friend and he was holding up a sign saying Mr Paul. We pushed through the crowed and he drove us to the New Lodge, It was right on the lake and looked good. Oh we were so wrong, we had a rat in our room in the first night, It ran out of Pauls poncho straight towards me, i did a dance then jumped on the bed. We also had mosquito attack but lucky we had a net. we could hear the rats on the ceiling and in the wall space which was not too good.we had rain everyday and a thunder storm on the first night. The last day we booked a boat to take us to Vietnam for the next day, then went to the killing fields and the museum they were really sad but interesting to see what had happened.

We are now in Vietnam heading to a nice island off the south coast but thats all another story to tell you.......

Hope all is well. We will write again soon. Kerry-anne and Paul

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the great plan



hi, thought we would tell you a bit about our adventure before we go. We first travel to Bangkok were we will stay a few nights then travel by train to Vietnam and Cambodia. after that we travel down to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and go and see the Orangoutangs in Borneo, which is just going to be so amazing. after all that excitment we will head off to Cairns travel down the East Coast of oz and Tasmania then on to Christchurch travel up to the North Island, then back to West coast of oz then on to Fiji for a month then LA and Vancouver and back home Boo! Hoo!

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