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Mountain Hell!

sunny 31 °C

We had the best time in Borneo. We started off in Sarawak, It was quite an experiance, well a bit of a nightmare really. We flew in to Bintulu stayed at this smelly cheap hotel. We were trying to find our way to Niah Caves but it didn't happen no one spoke english so we just could not work out how to get there and it was starting to waste to many days. So we thought we would fly to Kota Kinabalu but all the flights were full as it was their bank holiday. So we stayed there for one night and got a bus up to Miri. The symbol for Miri is the Seahorse they had a few sculptures in the middle of round abouts. I did my deed for the week and saved a tiny kitten from being run over it had managed to get stuck in the middle of the road. There was not much to do there so we managed to get a flight to Sandakan.

We stayed at this nice little backpackers hotel called the Mayfair sounds posh but it was not. The owner was a chinese man who sat infront of the tv all day in his vest top showing us a nipple. We found it a bit strange in the town when you walked passed the locals, they would stop and stare at you, even when we were eating they would come right up to the glass, tapp and wave or just stare. I'm sure we were aliens of something.

We booked a trip to Turtle Island, it was so much fun. We got this little boat over and this woman started to have a panic but after a while she calmed down. We did some snorkelling on the Island, the best bit was still to come. We got fed very well then about 9pm we got told a turtle was on the beach so we all had to run down to the beach in the dark, it was an amazing sight this huge green turtle was on the sand laying eggs. She layed 104 while we all watched. The staff took the eggs to the hatching field where we were allowed to hold them before they were buried. They look just like a ping pong ball and are the same size. After that we held some little baby turtles and released them into the sea.

We went to Sepilok where we saw the baby orangutans, it was a shame we could not see the adults in the wild, a tree had fallen across the walking platform in the high winds. It was still worth it, but its just another excuse to go back again.

After being aliens for a few days we headed to Kota Kinabalu it took 5hrs by bus. We stayed at a nice hostel in the town where we sorted out our trip to Kinabalu mountain and national park.

Well we managed to survive the moutain climb just. We bought some wooden sticks to help us climb mine was called Stan and Paul's Stewart. We started at 9:30am on the Mesilau trail which is the longest and hardest route, which god knows why i chose. It took 6hours to climb 8km of giant steps, rocks and mud. The views were amazing and we saw some lovely plants that only grow on this mountain, nowhere else in the world. We stayed in the Laban Rata lodge the only one with heating. We were eating some soup when the lodge got hit by lightening, the loudest noise ever, think most our soup was on the floor after that. We went to bed at 8pm and got up at 2am for some brekki before climbing to the summit for the sunrise. Climbing to the summit was quite hard, you had to hold on to a rope as the incline was so steep. We managed to get to the 4000ft summit just in time for the sunrise. What an amazing sight we forgot all about how tired we were and the fact it was 0 degrees. After half an hour we started the desent it took 2hours to the lodge where we had another brekki (well needed). The way back was much worse then the climb. It took 3 more hours from the lodge to get to the bottom. we were about 3km from the finish when the heavens opened and we just got soaked, the paths turned in to rivers so it got very slippery. By the end Paul's knees were in bits and his muscles were all seizing up (well he is getting old now). I don't know what my excuse was. Our guide had to help me down the stairs,i had a swollen ankle, bad knees and muscle pain. We walked around like old people for 3 days. Stairs were almost impossible, but Yippee! we made it and it is definatly our first and last mountain climb.

For our last few days we relaxed and went to Manukan Island which had some great snorkelling. The barracuda were out in force and there were Nemo's everywhere.

On the 6th November it was time to leave for Australia............

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mosquito heaven

sunny 31 °C

We arrived in Malaysia by bus and headed up to Kuala Lumpur the coaches were so much better, they had reclining seats. We stayed in the Red Palm hostel really friendly place. There were just so many shopping malls, i don't think Paul has done so much shopping. There was one mall called Time Square it had 13 floors and had a rollercoaster on the 10th floor, a group of us from the hostel got together and decided to be brave and go on it, Paul stayed firmly on the floor holding the bags and taking photos.

We saw the two towers in the day and night they looked so good at night all lit up. The sky tower was really good but the visibilty was pretty bad in KL from the fires in Samatra.

Panang was an experience. We both did't like it, we stayed in the city for one night. Our hostel was a bit like a prison but only cost 2.80pounds for both of us. We met some Oz army guys, for the whole night they bought us drinks which was good but not so good the next morning when we got the boat over to Langkawi at 7am.

We stayed on the West coast of Langkawi called Cenang. For the first night we stayed in this bungalow called Gekko, Well you needed to be a gekko to eat all the mosquitos. There were so many, when we opened our backpacks they would fly out. After one night and many many mosquito bites we decided to up grade to a bungalow on the beach for a whole 8pounds a night.

We hired a car for 2days which was quite good fun but i found it a problem with the speed bumps, i just could not see them so Paul would shout just as i drove up to one, i was just trying to keep him alert thats all. The first day we drove around the Island saw some really nice water falls and beaches. The second day we did the centre of the Island and the harbour where they had a big sculpture of an eagle.

The cable car ride was really good but very high both of us were a little scared even if we were trying to look brave. The views were just amazing you could see the whole island and the sea just looked so blue. There was also i bridge that went across to another platform i didn't like it you could see through the gaps so i focused and walked very fast to safety while Paul just strolled across behind me. He was not so brave when he decided to stand on a snake and it wrapped around his foot it was only little, but it looked quite scarey when a red fan came out its tail warning him away. I thought it was very funny watching him dancing around like a woman.

We had a great time relaxing on the beach the sea was so clear and warm. I did a bit of shell hunting so i have some nice shells to bring home. We had a thunder storm every night for a week so i am beggining to get a bit braver with the whole noise thing now.

The people in the next bungalow were really nice they took us out for dinner which was really sweet they were Su and John from England. We also met another couple from London Alexa and Mike and had a nice meal out with them. The food is just so cheap you can have a meal and drinks for less then 10pounds.

After a week of soaking up the sun i decided to hurt my back the day we were leaving and could not move so had to go and see a massage guy, he was really good and helped alot but i was in pain for 4 days and could not carry my backpack so Paul had to carry both of them. I did feel bad but he was ok with it. we headed back to Panang for another night then got a flight to Borneo, But thats another storey...........

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In the smog

semi-overcast 30 °C

We arrived in Singapore on the 6th October. We stayed in the Inn Crowd hostel. The area we stayed was Little India, we happened to be there on their festival so there were hundreds of drunk Indians everywhere.

We got the cable car over to Santosa Island and spent the day travelling around the island visiting different areas. The under water world was really good, with loads of fish we have not seen before, the sea angels were really good. The sky tower was good you went up and it rotated slow so you could see the whole Island. The butterfly and insect park was really good loads of big and colourful butterfly. We went on the Luge Paul won of course. The 3D Max was a bit of a laugh you sat in a car that was like a simulater and watched a big screen, we saw two different programs one was trying to capture dinasours and the other was a roller coaster. The symbol of Singapore is the Merlion, they had a big structure that you could go to the top of, it was quite a strange sight.

The visability in Singapore was not too good as they have been burning their crops in Samatra and the wind had blown all the smoke across.

We went to this lovely part called Clarke key it had an out side area sheltered by big umbrellas that changed colours at night. We sat in a little bar with two people we met from the hostel and tried an apple flavoured Shi Sha (the wierdest thing). You smoke from a bong that has apple flavour tabacco. There was the German fetival going on next to us which was quite entertaining. There were people dancing on the tables and dancing comps on stage.

We went to This night safari which took us around in a Tram to see all the animals. There were loads to see but it was just a zoo in the dark, We thought it might be slightly different.

The food in Singapore was really good. Cheap and tasty.

Our last day we got a day bus ticket. So we could jump on and off when we wanted to. So we saw the rest of the city. The sights were really good and the shopping was great well for me anyway. I think Paul would of prefered to be drinking a pint. There is a street called Orchard it has trees with red material with white spots wrapped around them, it looked really affective.

anyway we had a great time next stop Malaysia.......

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Koh Samui

Sun and sea

sunny 32 °C

We arrived in Koh Samui on Saturday 30th Sept. We stayed in a lovely bungalow for 6 nights. We had a very relaxing week sunbathing and swimming in the warm sea, not that we are trying to make you jealous or anything(ha ha). We met this guy Bram from Holland, we ended up going on an island tour with him. The tour was really good they took us to see the grand mother and grand father rocks which are the shape of male and female private parts, it was a bit of a giggle. The Big Buddha was impressive, which i'm glad because that is the reason i wanted to go on the tour. We had some great food while we were there, the sea food is really good.We found that it has got a bit too touristy now there has been loads of building in the last 2 years. And yes we managed to stay off the beer for a whole week can you beleive it.We saw a great band playing in the Irish bar and Paul only got hassled by a few lady boys. On our last night Paul had a nice foot massage where as i went for the full Thai massage, which i wish i had not done, my body has never been in some of the positions she put me in and i think she cracked every bone in my body. Apart from all that we just lay on the beach and did nothing.

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